I’m writing this blog entry as we are driving in the motor home to my parents house in Thomson, IL. We are currently on 39 North going past Stewart, IL (Exit 93). In a bit we will be turning off onto 88 west… I found a way to stop the convection oven above the stove from squeaking – I wedged two butter knives between it and the wood trim above it. Now there are not any really irritating squeaks left.

Last evening we got ready for our trip – I did laundry and cleaned/organized stuff inside. John and Scott waxed the front and back side of the motor home before it got dark and started to rain again. This past week we had lots of sudden down pours that last for 30 minutes or so… The rain has been helping to keep the temperatures down in the mid 80′s…. All three of us went to Noodles for supper – I had the pan fried noodles with tofu and it was tasty.

This morning I went on a walk with Scott and Molly before work – I’m starting to enjoy the morning walk – I will have to work on keeping it up….

John received the manual satellite dish for the top of motor home. He will get it installed tomorrow while I’m away doing computer stuff for the Village of Thomson. In working on adding programming to their system so it can read meter readings from a portable Windows CE PDA. This should be interesting because they are using a DOS Fox Base (dBase IV clone) that I programmed 12 years ago…. I really need to get them upgraded to at least a windows based version of Fox Base….


Prince on the dash going down the I-88 Tollway

Prince just jumped up on the dashboard – this is the first time he has done that while we are going down the road. It is nice to see that he is comfortable enough to walk around and enjoy himself while we are traveling. He does not fuss, meow and etc like he did while driving in John’s truck… We think the truck was noisy and that bothered him…..

That’s all for now – I will post some pictures tomorrow of us at my parents farm….

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