The campground was much more subdued today. The group of Apostolic Christians did not seem nearly as large as on Sunday. A few of the campers close to us packed up and left. I suspect more will leave tomorrow.

I did some reading online about the Apostolic Church and could not find much about their view on homosexuality and if their church allows openly gay members so I sent them an email asking them for answers to these questions. The main thing I found out about their religion is that they take the Bible very literally. If it is in the Bible it must be true – even if it was not always translated into English correctly……

I went geocaching with Scott again today – we walked for around 2 hours in the heat. We did find the cache and signed the log book and etc. This is cache number 60 for me. I was very glad to get back to the camper, shower and cool off. I did find a small wood tick on me but not any others. I’m not sure Scott will ever want to go geocaching with me again ;)

This afternoon we played games and had supper together with the rest of the group. I learned how to play “Mexican Train” dominoes. It was fun once we got the rules down.

Tomorrow we are going to try to do some trap shooting if the weather cooperates. We are not sure if out of state people need to have a FOID card to be able to use a gun in Illinois.

I’m tired and going to bed.

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