We made it back to Normal, IL by 11:00am cst without incident. Before getting setup in our site we stopped at Lowes to purchase a ladder and then stopped by the Advance Auto Parts where John works. John wanted to pick up some cleaning supplies and show the motor home to some of his coworkers.

We then made it to the RV park and got parked and setup. The motor home seems much easier to back into the site with then the trailer was.

I spent the first three afternoon scrubbing down the tile floor – using a toothbrush to clean the grout between the tiles. Then I rented a Rug Doctor to clean the carpeting with. The carpeting had a plastic film on it that the dealer used to protect it that I had to remove. The plastic left a sticky residue that felt tacky to walk on.

The Rug Doctor did a good job – the carpet actually looks green now! I used the hand held attachment to clean the areas machine could not get to and the sofa. Everything should be dry by morning – the air conditioning keeps the air circulating nicely and aids in the drying process.

John had a local free lance RV technician top by to look at the refrigerator. It was not working with LP only electricity – turns out is was just a little rust on the pilot light thing… The technical seemed very knowledgeable and may be a good resource for any further problems.

I’m waiting for a load of clothes to finish drying – I’m using the washer/dryer combo in the RV just because I can.

John’s friends Jason and Stacy Hanson asked when we will be going to Madison to register the motor home. Wisconsin laws have recently changed and we can do the registration by mail. We want to go and visit Johns dad in the near future and will let you know when we go and make some plans to stop in Madison.

Now I’m really tired and need to get to bed.

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