I’m riding down i-65 towards Indianapolis as I write this. Our first trip in the motor home is going well. The only minor issue we had today was with the engine temperature alarm going off on some of the steep roads through the mountains in South Carolina and Tennessee. It was 95 degrees out and we are towing Johns truck, so this was not entirely unexpected – John is planning to look into this more when we get home.

This is the first time I have travelled in a motor home for any length of time and so far it is pretty cool. I like being able to get up and use the restroom, get a soda from the fridge and etc. John likes how we can go farther on a tank of gas then we could with the truck and travel trailer – we are used to needing to stop every 2 or 3 hours to fill up the tanks. I enjoyed the scenery while going through the Appalachian Mountains – I bet it is gorgeous when the trees get their fall colors.

When we stopped for supper, we topped off the fuel tank for $200.00 – guess I will have to get used to it.

Prince is doing well in the motor home – he has not meowed very much and has spent most of the trip sleeping on one of the dining room chairs. He has easy access to his litter box, food and water – this is a big improvement that I’m sure he appreciates.

We will be stopping at a truck stop in an hour or so to park and spend the night. I hope it is a Flying-J so I can visit their gift shop and find something precious to buy… Perhaps they have some tasteful CDL protectors – I think John needs a new one ;)

It looks like we will make it to Normal, IL sometime early tomorrow afternoon. We have been talking about which projects we need to get done first – we have a full wax job, carpet cleaning, tile floor cleaning and much more to look forward to in the very near future.

Scott Hicks will be spending a few days at the RV park with us – It will be really nice to see him and Molly again. He has done so many projects to his motor home over the past few years – I’m sure he can give us some guidance, technical assistance, project ideas, more project ideas and even more project ideas ;)

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