We made it to the RV dealer by 3:30pm est in Charlotte, NC with no problems. The truck and the camper did well going up and down the mountain roads in Tennessee and Kentucky. Last evening we made it as far as Louisville, KY before we stopped at a Flying J for the evening. It was not very crowded and we were able to park in the RV section. We did not have any electrical hookups so we had to sleep with no air conditioning – but the Fantastic fans moved the air around enough to make it comfortable.


11:30 PM at Louisville, KY Flying-J

Here is a picture of the truck while was John buying fuel at the Flying-J at 11:30pm, just before we parked for the evening:

On Thursday evening, Prince spent more time meowing then not meowing, he was restless and not a happy camper. When we stopped for gas at 10:00pm, I took him into the camper so he can use his litter box. He promptly jumped up on the computer desk and then up on top of the slide-out that was in. We ended up using a broom and a spatula to get him down… It was not a happy time for us at 10:00 at night… After John gave Prince a piece of his mind, he laid down in the back of the truck and did not meow again the rest of the evening…

Today Prince did much better, he spent most of the day laying on the back seat and sleeping. He seems to be a bit shady towards me, but he will get over it…. It will be fun to see how he reacts to his new home and the motor home lifestyle (Meow…)

The dealer paid for us to stay two nights at the campground directly next to them and the Lowes Raceway – which was very nice of them. We are able to walk from our camp site to the dealership. We stopped by the dealership and were able to see the Winnebago motor home in person. It was great to be able to see more then the 8 pictures they had posted on their website. The coach is basically as we expected it to be – no unpleasant surprises. It is not as clean as we would have liked it to be, but then again we are picky homos… We found out that there is a leather j-shaped couch behind the passenger side seat, an ice cube maker in the freezer and surround sound speakers. The fabric on the couch, dining chairs and bedroom does not look as flowery in person as it did in the pictures… I’m sure I will eventually do something with the bedroom decor, but it does not feel overly Zsa, Zsa, Zsa to me….

We go in tomorrow at 9:00am to complete all of the necessary paperwork, do the walk through with the dealer and start moving in.

After we were done looking at the motor home, we went to a restaurant named Sunny’s BBQ and ate our weight in sliced pork (John) and baby back ribs (Me), potatoes, corn bread and sweat tea… It tasted so good after eating cheese and crackers for lunch… The waitress reminded me of Flo from the 70′s TV show Mel’s Diner – she kept trying to get John to eat even more sliced pork…

I’m looking forward to getting moved in tomorrow – we are already discussing what we want to go where… It is going to be really nice to finally have basement storage areas….

Tonight I’m just going to relax and enjoy the last night of sleeping in the travel trailer. I will post some pictures of the motor home once we get all of the papers signed and it is finally ours….

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