Went to the Vintage Computer Fair at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN today. It was fun to spend several hours wallowing in old computers and game systems. It was fun seeing what other enthusiasts have done with their old computers. Some of the computers have been so completely modified that you can’t tell what computer it was originally.

Here is some pictures from the event:


Atari Falcon.


Exhibit of computers


A NEXT Cube computer.


Lots of vintage computer stuff for sale.

On my way home, John called and asked me to bring home something for supper – so I stopped at “The Rock” restaurant and picked up some Gyros. There were just OK – not nearly as good as the Gyros we had in New York City, but at least I didn’t need to cook. John is tired because they had “Super Saturday” at work – basically a table full of junque and bargains at 75% off.

We are now watching a really bad gay themed (not porn) DVD called “Matrimonium“. This is a low budget spoof of a tv reality show where a straight guy needs to convince his family that he is gay and get married. The premise is good enough, but it is soooo very badly done that it was painfull to watch. It makes “Die Mommy Die” look good.

John is stuck working all day tomorrow (Yuck!) so I will have some time to study for the Ham Radio Exam and play with my Epson PX-8 computer. I might try to go geocaching, but it is so hot and humid out that it takes the fun out of it.

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