We have been having a nice time camping at Comlara County Park. Everyone made it here on Friday – including Buck and Jeff. There are lots of kids here and a large church group (around 30+ campers) that are a bit of a challenge, but not too bad.

Today was a bit windy and it kept acting like it could start to storm, but it never did. We spend the day talking, taking walks, shopping at Sam’s Club/Walmart and etc.

This evening we had supper together. Bernie grilled some huge steak-burgers and Jeff made a yummy corn casserole. After supper we gathered around the fire and spent time being social. There is also a group of nice lesbians camping here who joined us.

The mosquitos have not been too bad – probably because of the wind, but there are lots of little gnats that are a irritating.

Tomorrow John and I will be making breakfast for everyone – pancakes, eggs and sausage outside on the electric grill.

I went geocaching this afternoon and found the cache I was looking for. I was able to finally drop off the last two travel bugs that I found last weekend. I hope to be able to go geocaching again tomorrow and find some more caches that are close to the park here.

Here is a few of the pictures I took today:


Mike, Bernie and John


Scott, Myself and John


Jared and Buck


Scott at the lake at dusk

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