I’m tired.

Today was “Founder’s Day” at the “major insurance company” so the full time employees were attending various speeches and recognition events for most of the day. During the lunch hour they had a “barber shop quartet” trumpet ensemble performing in the atrium outside the cafeteria that was fun to listen to. I started to run out of work to do this afternoon- we are getting another set of forms done and they are not quite ready for us to start something new yet… I spent most of the day working on forms that are waiting for a particular type of field that the technical details are still being worked on. I completed the forms except for the particular field type….

Had a nice treat in the mailbox tonight… Received the DVD I ordered from Lucky Bitch Radio that contains the first 100 episodes of Lucky Bitch Radio along with lots of video extras. There is some tranny-riffic videos that feature Wanda at her low and high points during the past year. Also received a nice autographed picture of Wanda – I will have to stop at Target and get a nice frame for it….
I have not listened to the first 30 Lucky Bitch Radio podcasts so it will be interesting to listen to how it all started… The first few episodes were taped in the basement of Wanda’s now ex-boyfriend and are very different from the podcasts of today…..

I went back to one of the Geocaches that I was unable to find yesterday and attempted to search for it again. I found it this time and logged it. I’m up to 42 Geocaches found so far. I hope to go out and look for some more tomorrow evening. The weather is way to nice to be cooped up at the health club – I much perfer biking and hiking around town looking for geocaches. I’m sure this will change once it gets warm and muggy out.

My arms, face and neck are red and buring a little. Don’t think I’m burn enough to start peeling, but have been applying aloe on red spots to help….

John is working until around midnight again tonight. I have been cleaning up the camper and throwing stuff away in time for garbage pickup tomorrow morning.

Prince says “MEOW MEOW meow meeow meeow meow MEOW MEEOW”

Loosely translated this means “Snapshot, take my picture, Snapshot, let me show what I got..
We got Prince a new litter box a few weeks ago where he enters from the top. This helps keep the kitty litter in the box better then the standard box where he enters from the side. I think it looks funny when he uses it – like a little prairie dog sticking his head out of a hole….

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