I just made it back from the hamfest in Princeton, IL. It is a really nice day for it – sunny and in the low 80′s.

I purchased a few items, but nothing major. This is what I picked up:

Microsoft Office 2000 Professional & dBase V for Windows – $10.00
Super Star Hits Stamped in Gold 8-track (1981 K-Tel compilation that features “I’m Alright” – Kenny Loggins, “The Tide is High” – Blondie, “Whip It” – Devo, “Don’t Stand So Close To Me ” – The Police) $3.00
2 Power Cords – $1.00
5 paperback books that deal with programming Apple II computers. – $2.00

Total amount spent: $16.00

Here is some pictures I took at the fest:






This afternoon I plan on installing Office 2000 and dBase V on my PowerBook using Virtual PC running Windows XP. With a little luck, they will both install properly…. Right now I’m using Office 95. I find that older versions of Office run better under Virtual PC. The new versions seem bloated and run slower…..

I also want to go out Geocaching some more. There is a cluster of 5 caches that are in the same park – would be fun to go and find them all….

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