I’m typing tonight’s blog while sitting outside on the Picnic table with the tiki torches lit. When the sun is setting the PowerBook works well outside because the screen shows up nice and clear in the low lighting. The smoke from the torches keeps most of the mosquitos away even though I don’t think there is any citronella in the oil I’m using. I would like to get a few more torches to add to the ambiance of the trailer park….

I made a quick trip to Walmart this evening to pick up a few essentials. I used the self checkout line and got out of there quickly before more items magically appeared in my cart. I like the self checkout line because I don’t have to worry about a cashier seeing what I’m buying. So when I purchase 2 large cucumbers, a package of Magnum condoms, 2 liter economy size bottle of Astro Glide (with the new sit and spin applicator) , copies of Teen People and Flex magazines and women’s leopard print thong undies (size 3XL) I don’t have to watch the cashier go in a panic trying to remember what the diversity section of their employee manual told them to do in a situation like this. I’m pretty good at running the self check out machine so I get done quickly.

It makes me laugh when someone with a full cart of groceries attempts a self checkout – they run into all sorts of problems because only so many items fit on the platform that weighs the items you put in each bag. It is even more fun when you have a mom with her three kids running around attempting to do self checkout… I’m not judging, I’m just saying….

Earlier this week I purchased a pair of Apple iPod In-Ear headphones at Walmart to replace the headphone that came with my iPod video and have stopped working very well (I used them too much).

These are the most comfortable headphones I have ever used. They have a replaceable soft plastic outer ring (2 different sizes) that conforms to the shape of your inner ear. I can barely tell that I have them inserted and they have good sound quality. They cost me around $35.00 – not cheap – but I expect them to last a long time. On the Apple store you can purchase professional grade in-ear headphones for around $500.00 – so this makes the $35.00 a bit easier to spend… Buying Apple iPod products at Walmart is just not as much fun as going to an Apple store to do so. I miss going to the two Apple stores in the St. Louis area and having the cute salesmen help me (Oops, did I drop that). The closest Apple store to Normal, IL is in Peoria – have not been there yet.

John had a flying lesson tonight. Next Wednesday he gets to go on his first cross country flight to an airport at least 50 miles away from Bloomington. This is a big step and gets him closer to getting his first pilot license. The first time I get to ride along while John flys will be fun – will have to bring the iPod and play Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me”….

I spent a few hours practising copying words in morse code. I’m getting better at copying down 5 words at a time at 5 words per minute. For the test I will need to copy down 5 minutes of words at 5 words per minute (25 words in total). In a few weeks I should be ready to do this….

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