I made it to work by 7:00am this morning so I got done at 3:30pm – this gave me some extra time to go Geocaching. John is working the later shift and will not be home until around 10:00pm. I attempted to find two caches, but did not find either of them – bummer. I will contact the owners of the caches and see if they can give me a few hints…

While Geocaching I found a cool old train in one of the city parks – it was a steam locomotive (# 639) that was used by the Chicago and Alton railroad. It was in pretty good shape considering it has not been used since 1959.
I spent the rest of the evening practicing Morse code and writing this blog entry out on the picnic table with the tiki torches lit. I learned the number 0 through 9 and then practiced the numbers and the entire alphabet. I have an accuracy of around 80 to 90 percent. The letters that still give me the most problems are L, F and W. Numbers are easy because they are always 5 digits while the alphabet will be 1 to 4 digits. I spent an hour or so practicing listening to complete words – it is a bit tricky because you don’t have much time to think before the next letter is being spelled out…

Tomorrow I hope to be able to go Geocaching some more…

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