We made it back from Michigan today at 1:00pm. We had an uneventful trip back with just a little bit of rain an hour north of Bloomington, IL.

John spoke with Bernie and he seemed to be in good spirits. I hope he will be able to go camping with us some more this summer… time will tell….


Hanging Out



Here is some more pictures from Camp-It:


Tired Boys...


Speed Racer....


Motivation to go back on diet

Jared took some pictures that you can check out here: Photo Album

Spending time at Camp-It was nice… The weather was much warmer then I expected – in the 90′s and humid. This was the first nice memorial day weekend in 11 years according to the owners of Camp-It. For some reason the average age of the other campers was probably 40 – there was not as many younger people as in years past. It was discerning to see some of the guys wearing skimpy bathing suits that really, really should not have… I saw fat folds coming out of places I wished I had not… The facilities at Camp-It keep getting better and better. They renovated the front office, added cabins and are opening up a sister resort that will features park model homes for sale.

Next weekend we are going to a hamfest in Princeton, IL and spend time with our friend Marcus. I’m not sure why we are going to hamfest, but I’m sure I will find something fun to purchase….

I’m not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow – it will take me time to get back in the swing of things at the “major insurance company”.

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