This coming Sunday I plan on going to the “Real Life in the New Downtown” condo tour. The tour runs form 12:00 noon until 5:00 pm. I’m curious to check out the various condo buildings that I have walked past during numerous walks through the downtown. Let me know if anyone would like to go along with me….

My friend, Todd, who works at Johnson Controls emailed me about this years Pride Walk in Milwaukee, WI. I did the walk for the last three years and really enjoyed it – it’s a bummer that I will not be doing the walk…. Todd is cool – he had an extra ticket to see Cher’s second farewell tour from the Johnson Controls Skybox and let me go along with him – we went out after the concert and got quite drunk on Cosmos….

Tonight John is studying his flight textbook in preparation for ground school tomorrow night. I’m still reading the “PHP 5 for Dummies” book and learning more about PHP programming…. I like the “for Dummies” technical books because they get you right in and programming quickly without boring you with lots of useless facts and etc… I find that I learn best by reading a little bit, then try what I just learned on the computer….

I received notification that the little computer I purchased on Ebay was shipped – hope I get it sometime this week so I can start configuring it this weekend.
I’m still not sure where I will install it at in the camper – probably in the computer cabinet where the printer and router are located. I have a larger desktop computer that is too large for me to use in the camper – I hope to be able to install the memory and the larger hard drvies from the larger pc into the smaller one… I will then get rid of the larger computer – it is taking too much space gathering dust under the dinette…..

If anyone can help me get a copy of Domino R7 client, designer and server software – let me know….

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