This is one of those weeks at work where the best you can hope for is to just make it to Friday.
The TeamSpace Office project I’m working on is going to Pilot on Friday – and we have a large list of items that must be implemented/tweaked/fixed by Friday. Some of the changes are major, but most of them are small irritating tweaks that need to get done….

I went swimming tonight and when I got back to the camper, “The Stepford Wifes” was on Showtime – so I had to watch it. I read the book and found it was written as more of a suspense, horror book. The movie has been camped up and is more of a comedy…..

John is off taking flying lessons tonight… he is going to be ready to take his first solo flight in a few weeks. It is tradition that when you land after your first solo flight, your shirt gets ripped off and put up in the hanger. I think I would like to be at the airport when this happens… ;-)

I’ve come up with an idea for a new look and feel for this blog site – I want to use my old
Zenith Trans-Oceanic radio for inspiration. I like the gold on black with grey bakelite look.

This picture is not my radio, but looks very close:

I will take lots of photos of the different parts of the radio and then try to work the elements into this web site… My guess is that it will either turn out really cool or kinda tacky…

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