This weekend I finally got the new blog software configured and working.

I was using iBlogger, but decided that it really was not what I wanted…

John has been bugging me to use the same blogging software that Scott Hicks () used on his web site… so I spent about 4 hours getting it up and running.

I ordered a hosting package from www.BlueDomino.com and downloaded the blog software from www.s9y.com

I had some problems getting the software to work with BlueDomino – but after some emails to Scott and checking out Blue Domino’s site, I got it working…. small miracle.

Between working on the blog, we watched “Who is Cletis Tout” on DVD, went shopping to Target and Dierbergs, went swimming for 20 minutes.

Tonight we are watching the finale of “Queer as Folk” on Showtime. I’m worried that they will have a really stupid ending to the series…

Anyway – here is a picture of our camper – I’m including it as a test of how to add pictures to this blog:

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