We made it to the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, IL on Friday evening with no problems. John is proud that he was able to park the camper without having to backup or repositioning it. The campground is basically a parking lot with electrical and water hookups – there is no sewer connections at the site – so I have to be carefull with the water and take shorter showers.

It is nice to see Buck, Jeff, Mark and Jarrod.

The weather at the fair has been really warm and humid. We walked around the fairgrounds on Friday evening and had some supper at the pork “Food-A-Rama”.

On Saturday, we walked around in the morning, had some stick food (Jarrod is making a photo expose of stick food) – like corn dogs, cheese cake on a stick, pork chop on a stick…. fun fair food. I got a free t-shirt for driving in a Toyota Tacoma truck – nice truck, but not a diesel

I was able to check out this years cow made out of butter. This year the cow also featured a dog and it’s handler:

We spent the afternoon hanging out in the camper – I assume we will walk around the fairgrounds some more tonight when it cools down…

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