Today was Bob’s last day at work so we took him out for lunch. We went to “Watercolors” – a restaurant that is close to Monsanto. I did not care for it – I was told that it used to be a “KC-Masterpiece”, but now it is basically a Greek Restaurant – they make a little bit of everything.. but nothing is really good….

We found a new funny show on TV called “Trailer Fabulous”. They makeover trailers along with the people who live in them. Tonight’s show featured a kid with his two lesbian moms… You can check out their web site at Trailer Fabulous The show is part real makeover and part spoof…

At work I have been listening to a new Podcast – “Lucky Bitch Radio” with Wicked Wanda. Wanda is a 30-year old drag queen who lives in Minneapolis, MN. You can check it out at URL to Luck Bitch Radio. Wanda talks about his life and his views about being gay and etc. Part of it is funny and a bit trashy, but my favorite parts are when Wanda gets serious and talks about living in the gay community, being sober, getting a new job and etc.

I have nasty gas again tonight… I think the wallpaper is peeling off the camper walls… I bought one of the new air fresheners that has little puffs of smoke , but it can not keep up with my stinky hole…

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