My back hurts – I must have slept on it wrong or something. I took some ibuprofen – hope it helps.

I found a neat feature of OS X Tiger today – the Safari browser that I use to post my blogs has a built in spell checker. I have it set to check my spelling as I type – and it works like the spell checker in Microsoft Word. Now my spelling should be correct. I actually think I learn to spell better by using the spell checker because it shows me right away what is not correct and then shows me the correct spelling. The one word that still causes me problems is “receive”..

John is taking another flying lesson tonight.. It rained all last night and this morning, but the sky cleared up just in time for his lesson. He has another lesson on Thursday – so hope the weather is also good for him.

Was another long day at work – I spent most of the day working on the part of TeamSpace where emails that are received can be moved to individual folders. Getting the email document into the TeamSpace document was not too difficult to do except the rich text control that displays the email content did not want to display the text properly. I finally found the problem – the field that contained the description was hidden from the web browser and as a result the javascript could not get a handle on it…. once that was corrected the rest fell in place…. now I’m working on moving TeamSpace to a production server. I’m running into authentication issues… so having my favorite server admin, Adam, looking into it.

Tomorrow is software tester Bob’s last day at Monsanto. He has been working as a consultant for the last 4 months. He retired from Monsanto and came back for something to do… He was fun to work with. We will be taking him out to lunch tomorrow….

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