We had a nice weekend staying in St. Louis. We now have a weekend routine – on Friday after work we meet with other Happy Campers at Novack’s for drinks and food. For the last two Fridays we have then gone down the street to “Amp” – an “Alternative Martini Bar”. It seems like an odd combination – but it is a fun place and they make a great Cosmo. On Sunday mornings we all meet at Crusoe’s for Breakfast and then on Sunday evenings we sometimes meet at Clementines for supper. We like the food at Clem’s, but don’t care for the atmosphere… The “boot in the dryer” music is loud and it seems like a very active meat market. It bothers John more then it does me.

John has been playing with Microsoft Flight Simulator on his PC and now would like to get a flight yoke and pedals so the game is easier to play. We went to Comp-USA hoping they would have the yoke he wanted – but they did not carry any in-stock. I checked out the Apple computer section of Comp-USA and found it overpriced, disorganized and generally depressing. They had some cool Apple related books, but they were all dog-eared and thumbed through.

I have been playing “Railroad Tycoon 3″ on my PowerBook. It is really fun – the last scenario that I completed ended up having 48 different trains in my company. It has this cool feature where you can lock the view on a particular train and follow it as it travels to the various cities. Now I’m working on a scenario where I need to connect 15 different countries in Europe by rail in 30 years.

I found out today that Monsanto would like to extend my consulting contract. This is good news – we are discussing what we should do when it gets cold out this winter….

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