Had an interesting day at work. Rich, Krishna #1, Joe and myself moved from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor of the building I work in at Monsanto. We are now located in this open cube area called “The War Room”. The idea behind this move is that we should be located away from our phones and distractions in a place where we can work together to put the final touches on “TeamSpace Office”. The change of scenery is nice – but this new arrangement seems very odd to me….

For supper we had these new “South Beach Diet chicken and ham wraps. Everything thing you need for the wraps were contained in a single box. They were good – but about 1/2 of the size we thought they would be…

Went swimming again tonight around 8:00 pm. It was still in the lower 90′s and very humid so the water felt good. I purchased this new “leave in conditioner” for my hair made by “Hempz”- it is supposed to help keep it from being damaged by the chlorine in the pool. It works ok, but really has a strong odor… John still refuses to go swimming with me….

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